Sanders Suspends Campaign

VERMONT- Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign earlier today. He released a message to his supporters at 11:45am to address his reasons as to why he did.

What this means is that Sanders will remain on the primary ballot, however will no longer spend time hosting rallies, etc.

Sanders began explaining his decision using numbers, saying he simply could not obtain the delegates required to beat the other democratic candidate, Joe Biden. Sanders had been about three hundred delegates behind Biden, and said he did not think victory was attainable.

Sanders expressed how the pandemic also influenced his decision to drop out.

"As I see the crisis gripping the nation, exacerbated by a president unwilling or unable to provide credible leadership and the work that needs to be done to protect people in this most desperate hour, I can not in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which will interfere with the important work required from all of us in this difficult hour."

He continued by congratulating Biden and called for the continued collection of delegates in order to defeat Donald trump, "the most dangerous president in modern american history."

Sanders still plans on collecting delegates leading upto the democratic convention. This is in hopes to still have some influence what topics the Biden campaign will adopt and speak on.

Senator Patrick Leahy released a statement following Sanders' announcement.

"I look forward to continuing our partnership on behalf of Vermont in the U.S. Senate and in working together to defeat the most dangerous and incompetent president of our lifetime.  The energy he has brought to this campaign for new, forward-thinking leadership in America will be important in doing that."

A link to Sanders' livestream can be found here starting at 23:32