Granting Friendly Fire

sheffieldfiretruckSHEFFIELD - The Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Department has received some assistance for payment on an upgraded firetruck. The United States Department of Agriculture has awarded a $20,000 grant for the refurbished tanker, a much-needed improvement over the station's current aging truck.

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Miller's Run Budget Concerns Continue

wheelock budgetWHEELOCK - Unified School District #37 services the towns of Wheelock and Sheffield and includes the Miller's Run School. On Town Meeting Day, both towns rejected the district's budget for the coming year, leaving UD #37 in quite the predicament.

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Wind Bill Altered, But Opinions Aren't

win billSHEFFIELD - As the legislation regarding wind farms works its way through the House and Senate, more changes are made to the bill.  The third reading of the bill is set for today in the Senate.  Those against the bill aren't thrilled with the changes.

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Town Clerk Says Goodbye

sheffieldtownmeetingSHEFFIELD - Every year residents of Sheffield are busy preparing to vote on Town Meeting Day.

This year, one town official is making preparation of her own, preparations to say goodbye.

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No Answers on Sheffield Post Office Hours

iteam post officeSHEFFIELD - Representatives from the United States Postal Service held a public meeting on the fate of the Post Office on Main Street a few weeks ago and since then, residents have not received any answers on why they're cutting the hours.

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A Visit to the Sheffield Wind Farm

sheffield wind farm pic SHEFFIELD - The Sheffield wind farm hosted school children from around the area to get an up close view of the 16 turbines and how they operate.

After heavy debate the Sheffield Wind Farm broke ground during the summer of last year and has been in service for just over 6 months.

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School Testing New Math Program

NEK School ClassroomSHEFFIELD - One third grade class at the Miller's Run School is a pioneer in a new learning technique that helps students with math.

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Sheffield Teacher Recognized for Accomplishments

Patrick HammSHEFFIELD - One teacher has received a heritage award and has been named the teacher of the year by the Vermont Folk Life Center.

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Wheelock Looks for Grants

WHEELOCK - Thirteenth time is a charm according to Wheelock town officials. Both the town hall and the garage are in need of immediate renovations.


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Wheelock Town Hall

wheelock townie hallWHEELOCK- Standing for 144 years, the Wheelock town hall is in need of almost $200,000 worth of repairs. Officials are now searching for grants to repair the building on a strict budget.

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Police Looking for Man Who Left Fire Scene

wheelock fireWHEELOCK – Police are hoping to locate a man who was found on the site of a structure fire that broke out over the weekend. During a walk through of the site Sunday morning, investigators found Jason Henderson in the attic of the garage. The police asked Henderson a few questions about details of the fire, but he later left the scene without permission and could not be found.

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Mary Pat O'Hagan Anniversary


UPDATE- The Caledonia County court sentenced Michael Norrie to 23 years in prison on Thursday. Norrie took a plea deal back in July after being charged with Burgalary, Kidnapping, and First Degree Murder of Mary Pat O'Hagan. According to court documents, Norrie admitted to pulling the trigger on O'Hagan, and is the second to be sentenced among the three charged in the killing. He has also waived his right to appeal his sentence and is being charged a fine of $423. Included in the court documents was a written letter of apology by Norrie to the O'Hagan family.

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Costs Rising with Water

wheelockfloodWHEELOCK- The town of Wheelock is having an ongoing discussion about flooding and the impact it could have if the town is not insured. Although the topic was not brought up at Wheelock's town meeting last Tuesday, it is now being discussed, because as of now, Wheelock is not insured for flooding.

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A Frightful Fundraiser

wheelock fundraiserWHEELOCK- The Wheelock Way is playing host to a frightful experience this Halloween season that raises money for the cemeteries of the town of Wheelock. The Haunted Trails fundraiser kicked off last night and is aming to scare anyone who decides to brave wooded trails until October 25th. 

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Taking a Walk Down Wheelock Way

wheelockwayWHEELOCK - As the seasons change, so do our hobbies. From snowmobiling in winter, to mountain biking in the spring, The Wheelock Way wants to cater to your seasonal activities.

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Plane Crash Training

mock plane crashWHEELOCK- After the recent plane crash in Hyde Park, Vermont, State Police as well as local fire departments and EMT's all participated in a mock plane crash scenario Monday evening.

EMT's and Fire Departments from Sheffield-Wheelock, Sutton, East Burke, and Lyndonville attended the training exercise accompanying the Vermont State Police department.

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Supporting Local Agriculture with CSA

csa barnSOUTH WHEELOCK - In a modern business world, farmers have to make ends meet. One of the ways they can do that, is through Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

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Raw Milk on the Shelf?

rawmilkWHEELOCK-Vermont is changing their minds on raw milk. A bill that is sitting in congress at the moment will allow Vermont raw milk producers to sell their product at local farmer markets.Tamara Martin of South Wheelock is all for the bill. She owns the Chandler Pond farm and she says she has been indulging in raw milk for years and has never seen anything wrong with it. She believes producing raw milk now is different from 200 years ago.

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Trash Debate Looms in Wheelock

Wheelock Preview

WHEELOCK - As town meeting day approaches, the town is making preparations for July 2015. That's when a pay-as-you-go system for trash removal - already approved by the state legislature - will go into effect in both Wheelock and Sheffield. 

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Farms Need to Prepare

Farms Need to PrepareWHEELOCK - With every frost that the morning brings, winter is closer and farms in the Northeast Kingdom are harvesting crops and storing food before the frost overtakes them. The Chandler Pond Farm in South Wheelock is in the process of moving crops into the root cellar below the house. 

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Farm to Plate

farmtoplateWHEELOCK - The Farm to Plate plan is meant to help local farmers like Curtis Sjolander of Mountain Foot Farm, but the program is adding confusion in certain areas for some farmers.
The plan was implemented in 2009, and was designed as ten-year plan that would strengthen Vermont's food system and focus on locally produced products.

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Issues With Proposed Wheelock Garage

Wheelock Town HallWHEELOCK - The debate over the new proposed Wheelock Town garage continues.

In 2007, on Town Meeting Day, plans to have a new building and garage for the fire department were shot down.

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