Wheelock Looks for Grants

WHEELOCK - Thirteenth time is a charm according to Wheelock town officials. Both the town hall and the garage are in need of immediate renovations.



The Town Hall, which serves not only as a community center but the main source of politics for Wheelock, has been having structural issues for many years. The Wheelock garage is also in need of some attention, due to unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. The Renovation Coordinator Carol Rossi is concerned about space for town meeting day in the municipal building and hopes to get some assistance through state and federal grants. 


Both of the renovations on the structures are necessary to keep business going as usual, but in order to do so the residents will need to vote soon in order to approve the 600,000 dollars worth of work. Doug Reid, Wheelock Town Clerk says despite it being a garage it still needs to be a safe and healthy place to work. 


Many in the town are worried as many of these proposals have failed in the past. "One of my goals with this proposal and this project is to keep it something that the community of Wheelock can afford and find a way to do it without… you know… terrible tax burden on everybody so we'll see," Rossi said.   


Both Rossi and Reid are optimistic about this proposal and encourage all residents to come out and vote on November 8th.