Breaking Down Health Care

bluecrossST. JOHNSBURY- Small business owners can now register for health care renewal. This news comes even though the Health connect website is down for another two to three weeks.


Today in St. Johnsbury, Blue Cross Blue Shield sent representatives to help small business legislators understand and help adjust to the changes in health care. State Senator Jane Kitchel was on hand and she was impressed with the strides that Vermont Health Connect is taking to become more efficient. She said today was an example of Blue Cross reaching out to the community and employers to help them get the information they need."

For those who have not enrolled yet, there will be another opportunity starting on November 15th, which is when the next open enrollment period starts.

Employee choices now account for nine different options. Rates have also increased by 7.7 percent; other changes to Vermont's health system include no more deductibles on pediatric patients and some small changes in the structure of plans.

Senator Kitchel said she likes the changes, "I think it actually allows employers and employees to select a plan that matches their circumstances better than 'this is what you have for one choice.' But that also means that it becomes more incumbent on the employee and employer to do their homework to understand what's best and make good decisions around their health care selections."

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