FEMA Overpaid

stjselectST. JOHNSBURY- The Federal Emergency Management Fund has overpaid the town of St. Johnsbury by a large amount.




FEMA has said that they overpaid the town by $33,000 in 2012, and now, they want that money back. This money was used to help repair damages from the flooding that occured back in 2011.

The selectboard came together this past Monday night. The FEMA overpayment was one of the topics to discuss on the agenda.

According to St. Johnsbury's Assistant Town Manager, Dave Ormiston, this is one of the first true surprises in St. Johnsbury's budget all year. 

The selectmen have decided that the re-payment will be covered by surplus money.

FEMA discovered the mistake spring during an audit.

The town plans on sending a check this week to repay them in full.