New Town Manager

camel delongisST. JOHNSBURY - In the last three years, the town of St. Johnsbury has had three different town managers, according to assistant town clerk, Kelly Willey. Now, the selectboard is in search for another, as current town manager, John Hall, is headed out in Spring 2015.

John Hall's contract expires in April of 2015, and his current plans are to run for assistant judge of Caledonia County. The selectboard held a meeting to discuss the hiring process with the public, as well as taking suggestions on how they should carry out the search.

Assisant town manager, David Ormiston, said that they have now chosen the Vermont League of Cities and Town's help to conduct the search, which could potentially cut down on expenses.

The search for a town manager will also be conducted according to Vermont's new Open Meeting Law. Secretary of State, Jim Condos, will be explaining that law at Lake Region Union High School, as well as Vermont's Public Documents Law. Both of these laws are a part of Condos' "transparency" education tour.

This meeting will take place on September 18th at 7:30 P.M. and selectboard chairman Kevin Oddy said the board will continue the process to find a town manager on Monday, September 22, at their next selectboard meeting.