Pomerleau Building Over Budget

pomerleau buildingST. JOHNSBURY - The renovation project of the Pomerleau building in St. Johnsbury is around 270 thousand dollars over budget.

At the select board meeting on Monday night, it was decided that the money would come from the general fund. The largest cut will be about 89 thousand dollars from the fire department's equipment fund. This money includes 68 thousand dollars that the department was going to invest in a new fire truck. 


The Town Managers Office also faces over 88 thousand dollars in cuts. As well as the clerks office which may have close to 9 thousand dollars in cuts.

Selectboard Chairman, Jim Rust, says smaller cuts of 50 or 100 dollars will be made to balance the budget.

"We'll have to take a look and try to put money back in the budget or cover it next year, but basically we have three and a half months left in the budget," says Rust.

The specific adjustments to the budget are to be finalized before the fiscal year ends in three months.