Boil Water Notice Still in Effect

st. j boil waterST. JOHNSBURY - The boil water notice for St. Johnsbury is still in effect, and has been since Monday's water main burst. Many residents are feeling the affect of the burst and are hoping that it will end soon.



One resident, Carol Koukoutsis, says she is beginning to feel frustrated. "I had to use bottled water for cooking, brushing my teeth. Can't do laundry. My toilets are running orange at times and I can't do dishes," said Koukoutsis.

The pipe is repaired but town officials are still urging residents to boil their water. The second and final test from the public water station has been sent out and the town is hoping they can lift the ban tomorrow morning.

"I've been brushing my teeth with it, taking sponge baths with it," Koukoutsis said. "Even feeding my dog with it."

This isn't the first issue that St. Johnsbury residents have had to deal with. Last week the Green Mountain Mall had a pipe burst and the entire mall was flooded with three to five inches of water. With temperatures expected to rise and then quickly fall within the next week, residents should be aware of possible pipe damage within their homes.