Protecting our Furry Friends

pet saltST.JOHNSBURY - People may want to think twice when walking their furry friends outdoors this winter. What many people do not know is that the ice melt used to help clear icy walkways, could be harmful to their pets.

 The main ingredients in almost every ice melt product are sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which is in the very rock salt that is used to treat  roadways and sidewalks. When walked on, these chemicals can irritate or even burn pets paws, thus making these chemicals harmful to use around them. However, their are safe alternitave salts.

 Pet friendly ice-melter is easier on the pet's feet because this particular kind of ice-melt does not contain salt or chloride that irritates and burns the pet's paws. The catch is, the cost of pet friendly ice melt is double that of regular rock salt.

"Probably the least expensive would be your rock salt, it's the stuff in the yellow bags. It's pretty much what the town puts on their roads. Pet friendly is a little more expensive, it is a different formula, easier on the dog's feet," said John Gebbie, owner of St. J Hardware.

Families should consider putting some type of shoe on their pet's paws next time they take them for a walk this winter to help prevent their furry little friend's paws from becoming irritated.