Park Plans Ahead of Schedule

saint j selectboardST. JOHNSBURY- Plans that have been in the works to create a new park in Depot Square in St. Johnsbury have now been cleared, and are ahead of the anticipated schedule.

 Construction of the new park was set to begin in 2015, but now much to the rejoice of the St. Johnsbury Selectboard, the construction is set to begin in the summer of 2014. Based out of White River Junction, ORW Associates is the company that will be in charge of constructing the new park.

"The bus stop is going to move down to [the park], the community will often hangout underneath the porch [of the Welcome Center] waiting for the bus. There is a bit of tension between the sort of occupancy of that space by the bus riders and that being the front door of the Welcome Center," said Robert White of ORW Associates.

This new park will feature an amphitheater style seating for any special events held in the park, as well as improved sidewalks and crosswalks around the park. The park is budgeted for $440,000 but currently they are under the allowance by $6,000.

White sees the construction of this park as an opportunity to beautify the area as well as keep peace between the visitors center and the people who ride the bus. ORW Associates is also considering the idea of extending the porch for the bus riders so they do not have to be exposed to any inclement weather.

To see more as to what ORW Associates has to offer check out the ORW Associates website.