Water in St.Johnsbury

st j waterST.JOHNSBURY-The town of St. Johnsbury has faced a lot of road construction in the past few months. Many residents woke up yesterday morning to a boil water order, and yet another main road through town blocked off by construction equipment.  The roads are filled with smashed up gravel making it hard for travelers to get around.

This time it was one of the water lines on Railroad Street, by the Rite Aide pharmacy and Natural Provisions. The lines, most of which are over 100 years old are on a plan to be replaced in the near future. Last nights’ break however, which happened eight feet below the ground and caused flooding and a water outage for several surrounding residents, was not expected.

Town manager John Hall knows the impact things like this have on the town.

"That's inconvenient too and at least when we are doing construction, we can plan for it. When you have a brake like last night there's nothing you can do besides fix it the best you can as quickly as you can. Again that kind of stresses the importance of all the work we are doing and again sometimes it may be inconvenient but the long term is going to correct these things, but again our system is well over one-hundred yeas old. ."

The boil water order remained in effect last night. Residents in the effected area should continue to boil any water used for cooking, drinking or cleaning until town officials announce the water is safe again.