Calex: Lets Make a Deal

calex subscriptionST. JOHNSBURY- While most people do not pay attention to, or simply discard most subscription offers that come through their mailboxes, the offer that the Calex ambulance organization sends out is one that people might want to pay more attention to.


What a lot of people won't realize is that the subscription offered by Calex, is actually a great deal. If residents sign up for the deal, they can expect to receive a free ambulance ride for an entire year, whenever the need for an ambulance occurs. 

Calex board president Celina Wright believes this is a deal that people shouldn't pass up, saying, "if you do not have insurance, it's an even bigger deal... Everyone in your household is covered for the whole year. We do it every year, it is a yearly cost."

There are different prices for different packages. The most expensive coverage, the family package, costs no more than $50 per year. This price saves families hundreds of dollars where co-pays for an ambulance ride can be up to $500. Other packages include the Non-Senior Individual package which costs just $30 per year, the Single Senior Citizen package (65+) which costs $20 per year, and the Senior Citizen Couple (65+) package costing $40 per year.

Calex mails out the subscriptions towards the end of November. The package that is chosen runs all year long from January through December. You can also sign up for the subscription online on the Calex website where more information about the different subscriptions is available.