Changes Coming to Calex

calex boardST. JOHNSBURY- Changes are coming to the ambulance organization Calex as the Calex board of directors met Monday night at NVRH in St. Johnsbury to discuss some new changes to its by-laws, and members of their board.

The discussion that surrounded changes in the companies by-laws included members being able to teleconference into meetings that are being held, as well as changes with the board members. The new changes will allow one director from Littleton, New Hampshire to combine with Victory and Concord as a new representative. With this new representative being added it now gives Calex an even 10 members on the board.

Members of the board also officially welcomed in Milton Bratz to their board of directors. Calex board president Celina Wright is excited to have Bratz on board, and and feels there will finally be some consistency.

"Because we'll finally have a full board and we won't have this hole in our board anymore that we're constantly trying to fill from the town of Victory. We'll have a full board and we'll have people who are ready to put their time in. It takes time and effort to work to run a non profit, any non profit... We're a working board. We're looking forward to having a full board and getting the work done that needs to be done," Wright said.

Wright is pleased with the progress that Calex has make thus far, and she is looking forward to discussing future events that are held by Calex.