Meetings, Money, and Snowmoblies

st.j selectboardST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Selectboard held an important meeting Monday night in which they discuss snowmobiles and the town's money.  The board discussed a possible snowmobile lease which would allow snowmobiles access to the rail trail in St. Johnsbury.

 The trail starts at Mount Vernon Street and ends in the South Main Street parking lot. The board hopes to sign a lease with the state of Vermont which would allow snowmobiles to travel along this path and into St. Johnsbury. By letting snowmobiles on this path, it would allow people to stop at businesses along the way, which in turn would provide local economic growth.

"The town of St. Johnsbury got involved in the 1.3 miles and I was under the impression we were simply sub-leasing that 1.3 miles of trail from VAST that the bike path, our bike path and VAST would coexist," one St. Johnsbury town member said.

There was some concern raised at the meeting about safety on the snowmobile trail and the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers. Although if any incidents were to occur VAST has to $2,000,000 liability that would help cover any costs.

The other economic issues in St. Johnsbury was the deficit. As of right now the town has a deficit of $200,000 that is left over from 2012 that does have the possibility of being wiped clean. David Ormiston, a financial officer, said that "If we can bring in excess money from 2013, that we can utilize that to offset technically the deficit from 2012."



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