Prues Back in Court

prues in courtST. JOHNSBURY - Allen and Patricia Prue are still awaiting their trial in the murder case of Melissa Jenkins. The couple returned to court last week answering to additional charges of murder conspiracy and kidnapping. To add to that, Patricia Prue is also facing eight more charges for child pornography, after police found images of underage females on her computer.

Judge Robert Bent of the Caledonia Superior Court, says that the pornography charges on Patricia may not have anything to do with the Jenkins Case. Lisa Warren, Caledonia State's attorney disagrees saying, "The allegation in the amended information of aggravated murder involves sexual assault on Melissa Jenkins during the course of the assault and the alleged murder; we do think it is relevant."


While incarserated, the F.B.I. salvaged a letter that Patricia Prue wrote but had never realeased. Part of the letter read, "It was fun. It was like hunting, catching, and killing an animal."

Melissa Jenkins was a 33 year old science teacher at St. Johnsbury Academy, who was known and loved by many. Jenkins was murdered back in March of 2012, where investigators found her body thrown in the Connecticut River.  Jenkin was lured from her car when the Prue's claimed they had car trouble.  Police found Jenkins, at the time, two-year-old son in the backseat of her car pulled off on the side of the road. 

While Allen and Patricia now have a no contact order with each other, Patricia has been in contact with her sister in-law Sharon Tinder. Tinder commented on her relationship with Patricia saying, "Her and I have gotten along so good.  Instead of a sister in-law she's more like a sister to me."

Patricia and Allen cannot talk to Donna Prue, Allen's mother, because the state considers both of them witnesses in the case.

There is still no set date for the trial to begin, or when the next court date will be held. However, the Prues remain in state prison. Allen being held in Rutland, and Patricia in South Burlington.

For more information on what has happened in the Prue case visit Prue Case Update, and Prues Continue to Await Trial.




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