Kingdom Marine

WWII memorialNORTHEAST KINGDOM - The recent federal government shutdown has also closed many momuments and memorials in and around Washington D.C. Many veterans across the nation, including some in the Northeast Kingdom are very upset. On Tuesday, a group of World War II Veterans from Iowa arrived in the nation's capitol, to not be let into the monument they traveled to see.

 One local retired Marine from St. Johnsbury who asked the VCCJ not to be identified said, "It's a disgrace that the government would allow something to like this to happen, especially something that means so much to so many different people, especially the veterans that fought in the Pacific rim. They should not, not be allowed to go to the nation's capitol and see something they fought for."

The St. Johnsbury Marine who did not fight in World War II did however fight on the ground in Vietnam, has seen both the Vietnam memorial (The Wall) and the World War II memorial. He tried to describe what it feels like seeing those monuments for the first time.

"It's something built in your honor and sacrifice, something you know you could of died for, something your friends died for," the Marine stated.

He went on to say that he hopes the government can work everything out, but from what the papers say, it doesn't look like a solution is anywhere in the near future. He also said he hopes they reopen all the monuments because its an important part of American history, and it should not be included in a goverment shut down.

The Iowa Veterans who were not orginally let it to the World War II monument were later led in by congressional security.