St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Bonding Cultural Heritage

St. Johnsbury AthenaeumST.JOHNSBURY - The historical St. Johnsbury Athenaeum is a cultural gem to the small community, and is working to promote its gem with other organizations.

 Four organizations have banded together to help promote a cultural downtown district in St. Johnsbury. Fairbanks Museum, Catamount Arts, and the St. Johnsbury Academy are joining the Athenaeum in a newly formed St. Johnsbury Culture and Arts Alliance.

"As being diverse organizations we're realizing our shared capacity to collaborate on programs and the ability to know that we can sort of overlap in our missions and help each other out when finances become a little tighter in this type of economy, which is really the new norm. We find that collaboration is really a great way of accomplishing tasks and creating exposure for our shared organizations," said St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Executive Director Matthew Powers.

St. Johnsbury might not be a busy metropolitan hub, but Bob Joly feels that is exactly why people are drawn to the area and to the artistic center of the community.

"I just remind people that there's a real philosophy here in these institutions and frankly we're not looking for the box stores, they're elsewhere. This town will probably never be known like Littleton. It's not going to have those things. I don't want to get into the fight over that, some people would prefer to have those things and would like to have them as an adjunct to what's here, but there are things here that should be promoted and appreciated and that's the intent of this initiative," said Joly

The link bonding these organizations is their cultural heritage. Representatives from each organization hope that when bonded, each organization will be able to reach out better to each member of the community.