St. Johnsbury's Fashionable Students

fashion programST. JOHNSBURY - Starting as just a club, the St. Johnsbury Academy Fashion Department  has been stitched together over 14 years to become not only a popular choice for students, but a way for them to explore and expand their skills. Students in the fashion program design and construct their own clothes, giving them an unique opportunity not many high school students have.

"It's not offered in other high schools, and a lot of students have an interest in it," said Dyan Wallace, the Design teacher who started the department 14 years ago. Using this program to see if they are interested some students, like Sarah Lynch, are now pursing careers in fashion. "If I hadn't have the opportunity to take fashion design and see if I actually liked it, I probably wouldn't have know if I would have liked it or not," said Lynch, who will be attending Kent University in Ohio to study fashion design come fall.



As students work through the three course levels offered they are given a final project, to design and sew pieces and then put on a fashion show. This year the students drew their inspiration for flowers and gardens, and have put countless hours and hard work already. "My inspiration i picked from my home country Ireland. The blue eyed grass flower, so it actually had meaning towards me. I hand drew the flower and got it printed on fabric so the fabric was originally made by me," said Emma Guin, a fashion student at the Academy.  As the show approaches and all their hard work comes together the students are relieved and excited for the next step, be it another fashion course, college, or something else. 


The students fashion show beings at 6pm Thursday evening.