Fairbanks Re-Opens with New Exhibits

ST. JOHNSBURY - The Fairbanks Museum welcomes the public back with new updates and exhibits.  According to museum Director of Relations Anna Rubin, this is a yearly occurrence.

Exhibits include a interactive wildlife exhibit where the public can grip handles that compare their strength to different kind of birds.


"It's pretty amazing and makes the difference between what we think is strong and what's the case in the animal kingdom," Rubin said.

A migration simulator has also been added to the interactive exhibit, allowing folks to experience what birds and other animals go through during the Winter and Spring when moving from place to place. A map is shown which has a marble that needs to go from one place to another without getting stuck.

"Each of these exhibits encourages people to think about what being in the natural world and the things that animals need to survive," Rubin said.

Other exhibits include fish xrays and more additions to the geology section.

Updates to the building have been made such as cleaning of the displays, a new projector in the planetarium, and so much more.

"There's so much that happens in order to keep the exhibits in pristine condition and to make sure that they are displayed in a way that they have meaning and that people understand what they're seeing and that the exhibits continue to inspire people to want to learn more," Rubin said.