Virtual Poetry Read Aloud

ST. JOHNSBURY - Catamount Arts had to get a bit creative when it came to showcasing local poets in light of COVID-19. Facebook was helpful in making this happen. 

Every month of April Catamount does their annual HomeTown St.Johnsbury Poetry event. This is a time for locals, and seasoned poets alike to submit original work about the town of St. Johnsbury. Since the stay at home order has been in place, poems can no longer be shared in person though. Catamount Arts wanted to continue to keep everyone's poetry that was submitted alive, and have been reading two poems a day on their Facebook Live.

"Hometown St. Johnsbury is really about poetry appreciation, it's usually a month long and we partner with the Anthaneum while doing it," said Education Director of Catamount Arts, Anne Campbell.

"Anyone can send in these poems we have anywhere from kindergarteners, to published poets submitting work," said Campbell.

"After we have poetry submitted we would post these poems in downtown St. Johnsbury storefront windows, but with COVID-19 we were unable to do that this year. So, intead I decided that we can read these poems on our Facebook-it's been going really well. I plan on reading all ninety poems submitted," said Campbell.

"We might make this a new constant aspect to hometown St. Johnsbury-people have really enjoyed their poems being read. I'd like to continue do read some submissons aloud next April."

"Poetry has always been a way to express yourself, and reading them aloud especially has been really healing too. We are constantly trying to do things differently in the wake of this virus, and reading poems online was just one way to keep the arts alive during this difficult time."