St. Johnsbury Schools Decide No Thirds and Fourth Quarter Grading

ST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury School District announced they will not be grading students for the third and fourth quarter. 

"The schools leadership team has taken a significant amount of time to consider the needs and best interest of all our students. There is no way to create an equitable situation for our students during this time and so we have done our best to participate in learning opportunities from home and with the support of their teachers," said Superintendent of St. Johnsbury Schools Dr. Brain Ricca.

Dr. Ricca says this decision was made in advance by the leadership team to help support their students and staff in these troubling times. 

 "The leadership team made the decision, with feedback from our staff, to not provide third quarter scores so that teachers and students would not be put into a position where scores were given without adequate data to support them and there is no way to provide accurate scores for the fourth quarter."

In good news, Dr. Ricca says these decisions will not impact students overall GPA's and teachers and staff all support these ideas. 

"No one's GPA will be hurt by this decision. Our teachers and staff were consulted before we made this finalized. They support the direction of our leadership team."

As for graduation, Dr. Ricca says he has have not received guidance from the Agency of Education yet about end of the year activities like graduation but expects an announcement to be made in the coming weeks. 

To finalize, Dr. Ricca wants everyone to know his students and the community always come first. 

"I am incredibly proud of our approach in St. Johnsbury. Relationships come first in our school family. We will prioritize conversations over grades. We will prioritize being kind over right. We will prioritize people over our institutions. We will meet students and families wherever they are."