St. Johnsbury School Meal Distribution Plan Growing

St. Johnsbury- The St. Johnsbury School is continuing to make an impact on their local community by giving school meals to students and families in need. 

This comes as schools and businesses shut down last month admist the COVID-19 outbreak leaving many families with no jobs and many students with no meals. 

"Since the shut down, we have served nearly 7,000 meals," says St. Johnsbury School Superintendent Dr. Brian Ricca. 

 "We have served anyone, under the age of 18 who is in need of a meal. In addition, we are working with some of the private pre-kindergarten providers, who are open for those essential workers who need child care, to provide them meals as well."  

Dr. Ricca says while they are below the number of meals they would normally serve to students in school, they are seeing counts climb each week and  he is beyond proud of the students and staff of St. Johnsbury Schools as we navigate through these rough times. 

"No one has ever experienced anything like this, and we are seeing the power of human capacity. Students and adults are rising to the occasion, and while it is still overwhelming, and we still have issues of equity to adress, I am incredibly proud of how our community is responding to this." 

In all, Dr. Ricca wanted to express that we are all in this together. 

"We are in this together. We are here for you. I am here for you."

For more information on how you can get meals you can visit St.JohnsburyMeals