Flash Your Lights For Healthcare Workers

NVRHSaluteST. JOHNSBURY - Thursday night at 8:00pm, many gathered outside Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, in parking lot A, to flash their lights and honk their horns to give thanks to the healthcare workers at the hospital. At 8:10pm there was a moment of silence and prayer. 

"We had an overwhelming support from the community, friends and family for prayer and recognition for health care workers," retired nurse, Judy Kennedy said. Earlier in the week Judy Kennedy and another nurse named Barb Byrne, who works at Corner Medical, were discussing ideas on how to show appreciation for our health care workers at NVRH. The idea for the salute had been floating around for a while, and then another health care worker contacted Kennedy to see if there was something that could be done to support the hospital.

"That was kind of just another confirmation that, wow, there's more people that want to do something."

Kennedy brought the idea to Pastor Rick Menard of New Beginnings Christian Church, to see if this plan could be put into action. Wednesday morning was when the team contacted NVRH to do a drive through.

Kennedy expressed that this is an emotional time for everybody. "It turned out to be a lot bigger than us." Kennedy expressed that the event was originally supposed to be a small event. But as the word got out, it seemed that the amount of people wanting to get involved was even bigger than expected. 

Vermont State Police, the St. Johnsbury police department, and Caledonia County Sheriff department were all ready to attend the event. Many others were involved as well as Faith-based groups, churches and pastors in the area.

Menard shares his excitement for the event. The church had a sign out telling everyone to stay in their cars and have all their windows up. So everyone could practice social distancing. "We are very excited about this because we have several nurses and health care people that are part of our church." 

"Huge crowd and lots of first responders, prayers and love were freely flowing," Menard commented. Bryne attended the event as well, "last night was absolutley increadable." "The response from the community and EMS, law enforcement, and the fire department was overwhelming." NVRH staff shared that it was, "the thig they needed to see." Menard was live streaming the event on his facebook page. A video was also posted on the NVRH facebook page