St. Johnsbury Distributes School Meals

ST. JOHNSBURY - With the Covid-19 outbreak leaving schools closed and parents with no work, many families fear for their children, as for some, school was their main source for food. 

The St Johnsbury School district closed until further notice last week, sending children home to begin online learning until the Governor deemed it safe to return.

Since Wednesday March 15th, the St. Johnsbury School District has delivered over 700 meals to familes and children in need. Tammy Westcott, the St. Johnsbury School Food Service Assistaint has made it her goal to make sure kids in the Northeast Kingdom have healthy meals. Westcott has worked for the St. Johnsbury School Distrtict for many years and was the first person handing out meals at the welcome center Wednesday.

"I see and hear kids being worried that they're not going to get food when they are off from school", said Westcott.  

St. Johnsbury School Superintendent Brian Ricca said in a statement, "we are prioritizing our relationships with our students and families during this time away from school. We want to keep our expectations manageable for parents, many of whom are juggling working from home as well while also trying to work on their own students' learning with them. We want our families to reach out if there are any speed bumps, roadblock or dead ends." 

For families in need of food or resources you can vist This Document on the St. Johnsbury School website which is updated regulary.