Moose River Lodge Unique Display

MOOSE DISPLAYSAINT JOHNSBURY- The Moose River Lodge is the only establishment with a Christmas display, that is not the generic commercialized version. Instead, they specialize in featuring taxidermy items and antiques in their shop.

The shop has been in business for over forty years. Every year, their storefront offers a different type of display which features taxidermy critters arranged accordingly to a theme chosen. This year’s theme for the display is being in the woods and features multiple stuffed critters along with a mannequin dressed in red. The display is suppose to give off the feeling of being in the woods and some of the critters are even holding food or drink containers.

Maria Sussman, Associate Saleswoman at the Moose River Lodge said that the store takes great pride in what they feature in their yearly christmas display. "We put a lot of work into our windows. We do wonderful displays. We get things coming in just every day and that we do displays of" says Sussman.