St. Johnsbury Seeks Fire Marshal

ST. J HOUSEST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is looking to hire their first ever fire marshal.The town approved the budget to add in this position last year. The main obligation of the marshal is too implement and enforce residential housing code compliance program while inspecting homes. Other duties will require the position to work with the town health officer, fire department, division of fire safety, and the state fire marshal.


Jon Bouffard, Chief of the Fire Department says, "The need really is to ensure that our property is safe and were aware of whats in the buildings. and we know the hazards we're potentially putting our fire fighters into. But also to ensure that the property in St. Johnsbury is not going in the wrong direction, we want it to be more valuable and more valuable to the community ."

Bouffard adds that when homes are up to certain codes, it allows for the value of the home to increase which ultimately helps the town overall. He adds that anyone who owns a home knows how hard it is to maintain them.

"Having somebody that can go in and say well that's a potential life safety issue, or even better there's nothing wrong." It's not only a benefit for the town but the fire department because of having an extra person with the ability to know where hazards are in buildings helps ensures crews safety.

The deadline to apply for the position is February 11th at 4pm....anyone qualified for the job is asked to contact the st. Johnsbury fire marshal search located inside the fire department.

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