Joe Benning Talks Upcoming Term

benningST. JOHNSBURY- Republican Senator of Caledonia District, Joe Benning, is running unoppsed in today's election. That being said, his chances of serving the state for the next two years are fairly high. When asked about his plans for the upcoming term, he discussed the importance of keeping things affordable across the state in order to get the economy growing. "Try to change our demographics in such a way that we have more as opposed to less people in the work force," he said.

Benning stated that his efforts are a tall order, but believes that hard work and cooperation will bring progress. He also noted the importance of collaboration among all parties. "The Vermont Satehouse is a very wonderful place. There is a small group of people that are placed there, and yoiu have to work with eachother on a daily basis. It does not matter what your party label is. It does require reaching accross the aisle and having conversations with people you don't normally hang out with."

According to the Senator, by the end of the day representatives should acknowledge that there are problems facing the state, and everyone should work towards a solution that has been prepared by both sides.

Benning concluded by discussing the significance of voting in today's election. "I was raised a very long time ago by a couple of parents who stressed that I needed to learn how to vote right off the bat," he continued. "So one of my earlier memories of voting is walking into a very large voting booth that had all kinds of levers, and they taught me how to pull the levers, not telling which names to pull for. But that process of physically actually voting was really important, so I had my kids do exactly the same thing. That process for all Vermonters and every single American is very important. Your voice cannot be heard if you're not participating in the process. And if you don't vote, in a way it is voting- you're giving up your vote to somebody else to vote for you. And that's not exactly the way you want to run a democracy."

Polls are open until 7:00 p.m. accross the state.


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