St. Johnsbury Holds Annual Halloween Parade

HALLOWEENST. JOHNSBURY- Tomorrow night is a big night in St. Johnsbury, as the town will be shutting down Main Street for their 4th annual Halloween Parade.The parade starts at the Fairbanks Museum and goes down the street ending at Arnold Park. The parade was created by members of the community 5 years ago as a way to keep everyone safe on Halloween night.

Activities begin at 5pm with a howling contest, and a local dance studio will be teaching the "Monster Mash" dance. The line up for the parade starts at 5:30pm at the Fairbanks museum, and the march begins at 5:45. After, people are free to trick or treat all through Main Street for the evening.

Diane Cummings, a member of the parade committee, says, " It's just likes a step back in time. We have 2,000 kids that actually trick-or-treat, the families, everybody is dressed up, everybody has a really great time. I just love to see the excitement, I love to see the costumes."

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