Fall Prevention - And The Improvement Of Senior Living

Council on aging ST. JOHNSBURY – September not only welcomes the fall season, but it also is a month of fall prevention. As people age, their risk of falling tends to be higher and their mobility lower. The NEK Council on Aging aims to help change that. Each year, events are hosted during a week in September to help as many as possible with fall prevention. These fall prevention events have physical therapists, nurses and members from the council in attendance, and has participants go through 3 different tests to assess their balance and needs when it comes to being safe.



"We hold events where our PT's come. And they do these three test with individuals to check on their balance. And that determines whether or not they are at a risk of falling," says Karren Budde, the Volunteer Coordinator at The NEK Council on Aging.

The council is not just about fall prevention, but resources in general. Meals on Wheels is an extension of the council, offering hot pre-prepared meals for those who struggle to get food on the table. There are also many volunteers and staff members that offer counseling as well as classes to help make aging easy.

"Another large group of volunteers are the wellness volunteers. And these are the volunteers that lead wellness classes. They are teaching bone builders, they are teaching fall prevention Thai Chi, they're leading line dancing classes," said Budde.

The Council on Aging is just one more option for seniors. Giving them a choice other than a nursing home or assisted living. It also gives families a chance to explore options. The council even has option counselors on staff to help with that process and help people assess their needs to get the help and assistance they need.

"You try to put a price tag on a volunteers' hour. It's priceless. And we are just grateful, and our clients are exceedingly grateful, because it means they can age in place. They can stay in their homes," states Budde.

Senior citizens are able to access these resources and the council by calling the help line at 1-800-642-5119. Offices are located in St. Johnsbury, Newport , Hardwick and Island Pond.

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