Ashes To Ashes To Go

ashestogopicST. JOHNSBURY - Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Those were two of the main phrases that could best describe what was taking place on Main Street in front of the United Community Church this morning. Through the early morning and the seemingly cold temperatures, Reverend's Elisa Lucozzi and Susan Ohlidal were blessing those who walked by for the Ashes to Go event on this Ash Wednesday.

This was the first Ashes to Go Event for the United Community Church. The goal of the Ashes to Go event was to bring the church to the people. "It started in the Episcopal Church as a way to bring the church to the people as appose to bringing people to the church," Explained Lucozzi. A few people stopped by and were blessed this morning, but even with very few people coming by and getting blessed, Lucozzi and Ohlidal were still happy even if it was just cars passing by and not stopping in. "A lot of people have just slowed down to see what is going on and I think even that's good for us" Lucozzi said.

The message that the church is trying to get across is clear. Today it was about forgiveness, being honest with oneself, and of course love, as today is also Valentines Day. Lucozzi says, "It feels particularly poignant that today is Valentines Day."

"There's something about love and commitment and being authentic with each other that I think this ritual represents so I'm hoping to carry that today and offer that to people," says Ohlidal.

The cold did not bother Lucozzi and Ohlidal either. "We're Vermont priests so we know how to dress, we're doing okay out here."


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