Hilltopper is More Than Just The Food

ST. JOHNSBURY- The Hilltopper Restaurant is back in business as the St. Johnsbury Academy students are ready to develop their skills with working in a professional workplace.

David Hale who is the Head Chef of the Hilltopper has been here for almost ten years now and his goal has always been to make his students better. "I want them to grow as a person, I want them to grow professionally. Professionally is not a word used often in a high school setting but we're training professionals.," said Hale.

What Hale really loves about running the kitchen is seeing his students evolve and take pride in their work. "I love it when young people feel something that's bigger than themselves, that's collective and the hair on the back of my neck just stood up seriously."

From a student's perspective it's a lot more than just a restaurant to them and Chef does a good job by making them realize that. It's also more than just working with classmates and completing an assignment."It's a lot about life lessons, I've been taught a lot by chef and my classmates," said Joel Uyanik, a St. Johnsbury Academy Student.

Other than developing professional skills in a workplace it helps develop and strengthen relationships. "I love being with the class, it's like a little family we're together more than two hours a day and we work hard, we try to make the customers happy. It's different from being in the classroom," Uyanik continued.

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