A Room of Beautiful Masterpieces

Catamount Arts with Black BordersST.JOHNSBURY- It's an event that's been going on for three years now. An event where some of the best artists in the northeast kingdom, and surrounding areas, get to showcase their art pieces.

Ever three years the Catamount Arts puts on an event known as the juried show. For this year, Catamount Arts was able to receive over six hundred submissions from local artists, making this their most productive year yet.

"We actually had to narrow those six hundred submissions down to seventy," said Catamount Arts Executive Director Jody Fried.

"So it really gives an opportunity for some of our local artists, and artists from afar, to really stand out."

And the juried show isn't just for artists from the Northeast Kingdom.

"Many of these applicants are coming from long distances," said Fried.

"It allows us to create connections with the Boston community, the New York community of artists. So that really allows us to see what's on the cutting edge in the contemporary work of this time."

The grand prize winner of this year's juried show was Valerie Hird with her painting, which was titled "Cloud Mountains".

"Clearly when you go through the room it is one of the stronger pieces," said Fried.

"I think that as we watch our patrons who come in on a regular basis, it's a piece that they gravitate towards.

The juried show is also a curated show. There's a curator who composes all the different artwork that gets submitted, which Fried describes in itself is a piece of artwork, which adds to the beauty of the show.

And even though the reception ended on December 2nd, the artwork will stay on display all the way through the first week in February.

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