Gearing up for Victorian Holiday

st j christmasST. JOHNSBURY— Eight days after the town of St. Johnsbury turned on the holiday lights at the Downtown Sparkles Event, the town will now be hosting another event, the Victorian Holiday Celebration. "It's an event that happens all throughout town," said Tara Holt, Director of the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce. The Victorian Holiday Celebration is set to take place on December 9th.

 According to Holt, the event has been going for more than a decade.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce took out an ad in Vermont's E-News letter.

"We decided to market the event broader than just our local region so that we could draw people to St. Johnsbury to help celebrate the beauty St. Johnsbury is," said Holt. "You know we're just really excited, this event for St. Johnsbury is great for local people to be able to come and celebrate the season and do a lot of fun stuff as family. But it's also [a] really great chance for folks to come and visit St. Johnsbury if they haven't been in a while, or if they wonder what all the buzz about St. Johnsbury is."

Many of the local attractions in the area will be holding events throughout the day.

"Santa takes a horse drawn sleigh down from the North Pole," said Holt. "He comes down to the Welcome Center, he arrives at 10 o'clock."

The Fairbanks Museum, The St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center, and Catamount Arts are just some of the attractions that will be hosting activities during the day long event.

For more details about the event you can head into the Welcome Center or head online to

St. Johnsbury Christmas Prep from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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