Gun Shots in St. Johnsbury

st j pdST. JOHNSBURY— Just before 1 am on Thursday an Officer for the St. Johnsbury Police Department was on patrol on Portland Street when he heard possible gun shots. Officer Michael Fuller was on Portland Street and headed east just past the Concord Ave Intersection. "Officer heard what they thought were gun shots," said Chief Timothy Page, of the St. Johnsbury Police Department.


Around the same time the gun shots were heard, a concerned citizen called the St. Johnsbury Police Department Dispatch to report the incident.

"[They] searched the area, couldn't find anything, any reason for the gun shots or any result of a gun shot," said Page.

After the search early Thursday morning, the police department searched again and did not find anything.

"They've been back in the area looking around also. But we haven't found anything," said Page.

Anyone with information is asked to call the St. Johnsbury Police Department at 802-748-2314.

St. Johnsbury Shooting from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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