Stetson Looks to Re-Win Award

SadieStetsonST JOHNSBURY- The Gatorade Player of the year award "recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence, but also high standards oacademic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the court ." It was announced in the middle of last March that Sadie Stetson, guard for St. Johnsbury Academy, was the Vermont choice for the honor, and it was the first honor of this kind in the school's history.



All Stetson had do was fill out a form through an email from Gatorade, then ultimately received the award towards the end of last season for her efforts to help the team reach the Division I State Championship last Spring.

During her sophomore season, Stetson average 13 points and nearly 4 assists per game, while maintaining a "B+" average in the classroom. She says, however, that the run the team went on last year was not solely on her shoulders, but the girls do whatever they can in practice to help her be successful. "The team has always been a good tight group of girls and we really work all together really well I mean it's just fun playing with them." 

Head Coach Jack Driscoll says that Stetson is one of the few unique players he has coached, and has a great combination of athleticism, basketball skill and understanding how to play the game. When asked what Sadie's award is a testament of, Driscoll said, "It's a lot of hard work, [she] has been playing basketball a long time."

Stetson best described herself on the court as a ball handler who loves to drive to the basket, but did say she was working on her jumper shot, which she hopes to use more often during the season. Coach Driscoll wants to see Sadie take on more of a leadership role with this team. "She's one of our best players," said Driscoll.

Stetson looks to repeat this award win starting next Monday December 11th, went the St Johnsbury Girls Basketball team has their season and home opener.


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