Contracting Struggles Continue for Calex

copy of thumbnailtemplatedonotsaveover copy 2ST. JOHNSBURY- The concept of contracting Calex Ambulance Services by towns that already hold them under special appropriations has been a popular topic at Town Select Board meetings as of late. Thus far, Waterford and Kirby have signed on to contract, but with many towns either rejecting or tabling the contract, Michael Wright, CEO of Calex ponders why that is.

 "We've been well supported from all of the towns since 1984 and we've never been voted down. I think that this is just a new discussion after so many years being under a special appropriation and now we are introducing the concept of contracts." If towns decide to switch from an appropriation to a contract, it wouldn't mean more money from the town, in fact, that entity would remain the same. Wright says.

However, regardless if Calex is contracted or remain under an appropriation, their budgetary needs have increased in an effort to continue to provide the same services that they always have to the community. "The increases cover our cost of readiness. So for instance, like today, we did one inner-facility transport...there were no 911 calls from this morning at 7am until right now (about 5pm). We still have three crews that are sitting here ready to answer any 911 calls." Wright says that even if there isn't a need for an ambulance on a particular day, it is still vital to have crews at the ready in the case that there is a need, therefore that cost is still necessary.

Wright says that regardless if the towns decide to keep Calex under appropriation or to contract it, that cost will remain the same and the biggest difference would be for Calex itself as being under contract would allow them to plan for up to three years in advance rather than one.

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