7th Annual Norris Cotton Fundraiser

norrisST. JOHNSBURY - Over the weekend St. Johnsbury Academy held basketball scrimmages, but these games had more meaning than usual. This was the 7th annual Norris Cotton Cancer Center fundraising weekend. All of the money gathered was donated to the cancer center and for a specific reason. 

 "The fundraiser itself is to provide gas cards for out patients, this difficult disease that people are battling and suffering through has only been exacerbated for and some living in a rural area like we do," Said St. Johnsbury Athletic Director and Fundraiser Organizer David McGinn.

McGinn has been trying over the years to keep spreading the word around. "We've had multiple teams come, we've tried adding a bit of local flavor to it thinking that would help, but the community does understand what we're doing," McGinn continued.

The gas cards benefit the Cancer Center significantly. "There were a lot of patients who would not be treated who are elderly that just couldn't make the drive," Said Leslie Grima Cancer Center Registered Nurse.

The Academy and Cancer Center work together to better the community and the patients. "We all pull it together to take care of the patients," Grima continued.

What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Toy Swap

One local group taking donations to cloth the needy.


School Music Wall

6th graders are asking for community donations of pots and pans so they can build a music wall for all students in the school to use on the playground.


Village Donations

The Village sports store donated some cleats to Lyndon Institute