Support for Troops this Holiday Season

Vermont Supports Troops PSST.JOHNSBURY- It’s an idea that started from a kitchen floor. Now it’s turned into hundreds of packages being sent to troops overseas. The Vermont S.U.P.P.O.R.T organization started prepping for it’s annual first Saturday in December earlier this afternoon at the Elks Lodge.



 Hundreds upon hundreds of packages are sent to various countries around the world for troops during the holidays. The items being shipped consist of food, deodorant sticks, toothpaste, and even clothes. But there’s something special, especially for Vermont, that gets put into these packages. And it might be one of the things that catches the troop’s eye first.


“It’s real Vermont maple syrup. That’s going to be opened first. Who wouldn’t open that first?” says Nicquelle Timson who’s a member of VT S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S.


“Eventually our goal is to have all Vermont products.”


And there’s one more thing, that Timson feels the troops will admire the most.


“I think what makes most of their days are the homemade cards from kids. They’re not pre-made. What little kids say, you know is always truly from the heart. They can’t make this stuff up.”


The organization was able to raise almost 19,000 dollars this year. And they were also able to spend 6,000 dollars on supplies.


“We’ve never been able to do that” said Timson.


The packaging will start at nine a.m tomorrow morning and will run until noon. Kids will come in from all over the community to put in their hand in packing something good for the troops this holiday season.


Last year, the organization was able to send a little over five hundred packages. This year, their goal is to make it to six hundred.


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