New Distillery for St. Johnsbury

St. J distillery ST. JOHNSBURY - A new tourist attraction could be coming to St. Johnsbury within the next year in the form of a Distillery.  A local marketing company known as Celtic Marketing has recently bought Dunc's Mill and Distillery in the town of Barnet which they plan to move into the downtown St. Johnsbury area by December of next year.


Dunc's Mill and Distillery has been a major player in producing and selling liquors in our local area. Duncan Holaday has succeeded in creating over three award-winning rums in the time that he has been producing home-grown, 100% vermont spirits. Now over a decade after his business was first opened, Duncan has decided to sell his business and pass on the torch to Celtic Marketing. "I've been in this business for a long time, and I have seen my business flourish; I have also had the pleasure to assist other businesses and work alongside fellow distillers and spirit creators, but now it's time to leave the inventing to someone else."

That someone else is Dan Hughes and his son Brendan Hughes, who have gone into business together and have bought Dunc's Mill. Their plan with the business is to move the distillery to St. Johnsbury, and begin selling the products created by Holaday, while also creating a few new products of their own. "We plan on keeping the Dunc's brand on the Rum that has been created by Duncan Holaday to preserve his legacy.  We are also planning to create our own original Gin, which is what brought us into contact with Duncan in the first place," said Hughes.

Of course, Holiday was not going to sell his business to just anybody. "I was ready for someone to come along, who has marketing expertise. I've spent a lot of time making products and selling them myself in farmer's markets. I love what I do, but I see potential in this place and what I've done, which is larger than what I can do by myself." Although other companies have reached out to Holaday, it seems that he has finally found the company that is best for his business, and will also use his products to benefit the surrounding area.  While Holaday is no longer the head of the Distillery, he will still be working with Celtic Marketing over the next year to help guide them through the transition.

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