Reiki Heals St. Johnsbury

ReikiThis Sunday people will be able to heal their bodies at the Reiki clinic held in St. Johnsbury. The first Sunday of every month Janice Narey and Jennifer Thoma invite people to come between 2-4 in the afternoon for a peaceful session of Reiki.

This tactic is similar to yoga with the intentions of self-healing, relaxation, and mental focus. The two practices are peaceful and serve people to be able to disconnect from the real world. Yoga uses a more physical approach of using certain moves to relieve stress through the body. Reiki has its own unique twist.


Reiki is a form of medicine developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The idea of Reiki is using healing power through one's hands. During a Reiki treatment, people find themseleves completely relaxed. They can lay on a table in a relaxed setting, and the Reiki proctor asks if it is acceptable to put their hands on their body. If the person gives permission, the person will find themselves receiving positive energy and healing through one's hands. If there a certain area of pain, the Reiki proctor will focus on that area.

Narey explained she worked in a hospital with cancer patients who suffered amounts of pain due to chemo therapy. "This one person had an immense amount of pain in his chest. I offered Reiki as an alternative medicine, and he accepted. After the treatment, he told me the warmth made the pain go away. He had never felt anything like it," explained Narey. Inspired by the healing process of cancer paitents, Narey decided to team up with Thoma to start a Reiki Clinic for the public.

Thoma has traveled to many Reiki Clinic practices to learn new tactics and techniques to improve her Reiki skills. She began this program and offered it free to the public because she strongly encourages people to take care of their bodies and to take a step away from reality. She explained, "Yoga is similar to Reiki. I hope people will adapt to Reiki as much as they do to yoga. People can do Reiki on themselves and could be beneficial to their everyday lives."

On November 5th, the clinic had a few people show up to their clinic. Since it was their first clinic, they hope to have more people this Sunday.

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