Preperations Before Santa Comes to St. Johnsbury

st j decoratingST. JOHNSBURY- You better watch out, Santa is headed to St. Johnsbury Friday, but not before the town can get decorated. Crews were out Thursday morning in front of the Welcome Center hanging lights, wreaths, and other holiday decorations.

"Gina Glidden, the chairperson of the Beautification Committee and I work together to talk about what elements we'll use each year for all of the seasonal decorations," said Tara Holt, Director of the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce.

Holt says that the Chamber of Commerce is lucky to have a lot of volunteers to help set up the decorations each year.

"My neighborhood of women got together last night and put bows on the forty wreaths that will go out on [the] town."  The town is prepping for the Downtown Sparkles event, where Santa is expected to make an appearance. "I've talked Santa into coming on down," said Holt.  "At five, Santa will come on down and we will turn on all of the downtown holiday lights."

The Downtown Sparkle Event will feature many activities including, carolers, The St. Johnsbury Holiday Brass Band, and the model train running in the Welcome Center.

The next event the Chamber will be hosting is the Victorian Holiday Celebration on December 9th.

St. Johnsbury Decoration from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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