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wasteST. JOHNSBURY - Tuesday night at Catamount Arts center, a movie attracted local food offers and food managers to get together and to discuss food waste issues in Vermont. The movie's name is "Wasted!". This 85 minutes documentary shows how people casually waste their food in daily life, and how people used creative ways to make fuse of the waste they produce.


After the movie, a pannel discussion started as a follow up. In this discussion, people could fill a "wasted survey" form to express their opinions about food wastes. The event also invited four guests to deliver speeches and answered the questions. One of the guests Paul Tomasi, a Lyndon State College alumni. He served as the Executive Director of the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District since 1999. He believed that when we deliver and store food, the waste already happened. "A lot of food wasted is created before it even makes it to the super market. So that's kind of, the hardest part is trying to recover like fruit and vegetable before they expire. But certainly if people are more aware of their purchasing practices and how things should be stored" said Tomasi.

Based on Northeastern Vermont Development Association's press release, throughout Vermont, 153,000 people do not have access to healthy food to meet their basic nutritional needs. 1 in 5 Vermont children experience food hardship. Food hardship also affects senior citizens, with current data, 11% of Vermont seniors are food insecure. Thus, Jason Dow, the food service manager of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) thought that if we can avoid food wastes, or recreate food to decrease the price of them, that could help the condition. "I think a lot of it's just getting creative and using products because you can differently cut back on a lot of your waste. Planning is huge," said Dow. In the NEK alone, an estimated 1.2 million pounds of produce from farms could be captured for local distribution to people in need, according to the release.

"Doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter how much money you have. You can reduce the food waste," as a slogan said in the movie, the guests here believed that we can figure out a way to decrease the wastes and fight for the hungry.  


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