Farmer by day Chocolatier by night

Copy of ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2-2ST.JOHNSBURY- She's a farmer by day growing crops like blueberries, raspberries, apples, and much more. Then later in the day she grabs and aprin and gets chocolatey. Sue Haynie, owner of Sweet Season Farm and Artisan Confections does things a little different than most.


Her day starts around six o'clock in the morning and doesn't end until sometimes midnight that same day. Haynie is very passionate about her new adventures as a farmer and a chocolatier.

"I'm a people pleaser and I like to make people happy and I think it feels really good when you make a product that's vegan or that's wholesome, that has less sugar than commerical chocolate and people say wow, that is a good feeling to me," said Haynie. 

Sue has strived to make her treats available to almost everyone including vegans, gluten itolerant, and even those with diabetes. She also aims to reach a broader audience with all kinds of unique flavors.

"Maybe three people might like sriracha chili, so guess what I will make three truffles, if that's what it takes...I'll make it...If there's someone that wants creamy cloves...I'll make it even if no one else likes it," said Sue.

Haynie believes that making people smile and happy is more important than making money. 

"The best part is seeing the look on their faces when they bite into it," said Haynie.

Every aspect of making sweet treats takes a lot of time and effort. All of the products in which she makes are hand made. When something goes wrong or breaks there are no machines fix it she has to use her own two hands.

Sue is hosting an event at the farm on December 2nd, 3rd, 16th, and 17th for everyone to come and look around and to also try all types of samples from truffles to peppermint patties. 


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