Locally Lending A Hand

nekysST. JOHNSBURY- Lending a hand to your local non-profit organizations may be important. Especially on a day like today.


  Giving Tuesday is a nation wide initiative to give back to non-profit organizations and works in conjunction with Black Friday, small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. 

Northeast Kingdom Youth Services in St. Johnsbury is one of those non profits. The organization soley relies on the local community of the northeast kingdom for support. 


However this Giving Tuesday is the first for Northeast Kingdom Youth Services. Many larger non profits lead the initiative but Jonathan Ross of NEKYS wants his organization to focus on bringing down to local level. “If you want to keep your funding or donations local this is a great opportunity to support our services and what we do here at Northeast Kingdom Youth Services”.


Their service offers 13 different programs for the youth and families of the kingdom including some for older crowds like court diversion services. “We really have programs that offer a lot of benefits for community members of all ages but we do specifically have youth programs”, said Ross. 


The community in the Northeast Kingdom can give back in a number of ways. “There's volunteer opportunities, we also have some very generous donors who like to make sure that the youth in our community are being supported and we have a couple of annual fundraisers." 


Companies in the community also play a role in donating. They youth services organization has partnered with Kingdom Provisions. “They’re actualy running a thing for us where 10-15 percent of every sale this month is gonna come to our organization." 


Every little bit can go a long way according to Ross. “It doesn’t matter if you can give just a couple of dollars or make a larger scale donation, every little bit counts."

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