The Care Of The Kingdom

nvrhST. JOHNSBURY - Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital was just voted the best healthcare provider and best place to work in the northeast kingdom. However you might not know what brings employees and patient’s their own happiness behind the scenes.

 “I actually cross the river from New Hampshire to work here and I choose to work here in Vermont, my husband had a procedure done here before I worked here and I just appreciated the way the team worked together and I liked the way they took care of patients I just felt it was a really healthy and pleasant environment” says Registered Nurse at NVRH Paula Gile. Its things like Paula’s experience that makes NVRH the best of the kingdom. “We have a great support system we all pitch in and we get the job done.”

The hospital made no kind of campaign to get votes for the award. “People heard about it on Facebook and the newspaper, I think close to 61,000 people voted”. Said North Eastern Vermont Regional Hospital Vice President Betty Ann Gwatkin.

“Employees in health care tend to have more satisfaction”. Explains Gwatkin. Employees at NVRH may have more meaning in their work because they are able to take care of patients on a daily basis. Compensation is also a big key in working at the hospital and except for pay they might find happiness in their own work environment.  Gwatkin went on to say that “Anytime I (Gwatkin) talk to an employee who has had a bad day or had a sad outcome with a patient they still feel value in the interaction that they have with the patient so that is why they get into healthcare”.

And NVRH is unique its in own way. Being a small hospital means it can stress more of the needs of the local community. Some employees may choose NVRH because of that. “They have closer relationships with their patients, they have closer relationships with their co-workers, they can be more involved in decisions, so there are a lot of people who choose to work at NVRH when they could work anywhere”. Said Gwatkin. 

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What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

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