Substitutes Teachers in St. J School

   teacheresST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury schoolboard held a meeting last night to have some further discussion about school policy and to find a way to make substitute teachers feel more included in their community.

The discussion was primarily based around the idea of creating an orientation program. This would allow substitutes to learn the procedures needed for a successful day at school.

Maggie Beadle, the Librarian's Assistant said, "Subs need to be prepared. It's not an easy job. I think it's really important that substitutes feel a part of the community and a part of the school, having a chance to know other teachers, other staff members, and even the children if possible. Just getting to know the building, policies and procedures, schools, phones, things like that. But really about that keeping substitutes, and the subs feel like they are a part of their school their work place, then they come back they will help they will do more. "

The substitute teachers need to be taken care of in each school, they are an important part of any schools. As Maggie says, it is not a easy job, they need figure out a way to make the substitutes feel more comfortable like they are belong here.

The schoolboard will further investigate the logistics of the proposal before next month's meeting.



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