Bundle Up For Cold Weather

ThumbnailTemplate DO NOT COPY OVERSt. Johnsbury- The Food Shelf in St. Johnsbury was created in the 90's by a school teacher who strived to ensure all children were warm during the cold winters of Vermont.

 Sandy Broghton created the Food Shelf in the 90's due to an observation that lots of children did not have proper winter outwear, so she created this store to give children the opportunity to receive clothes while playing in the snow. Ellie Dole, manager of the Food Shelf, now maintains the store. She was able to expand the business to offer families blankets and other supplies for the cold.

Dole's inspiration for suppling blankets came from an encounter with a mom who had multiple children with only one blanket. This was the moment when Dole decided families needed the outlet of Food Shelf to supply blankets, sheets, towels, wash clothes, and more.

Though some schools do offer warm clothes to children, Dole explains children tend to misplace their clothes and should have access to back up clothing.  

Currently Food Shelf is low on boots and jackets. People are encouraged to stop by 36 Steeple Place in St. Johnsbury on Tuesday and Thursday's from 12-3:45 to pick out whatever items they need at no cost.




Bundle Up For Cold Weather from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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