On Strike Once Again

fairbanks scale imageST. JOHNSBURY- The picket lines have been set, and the signs made; Fairbanks Scales employees are on strike once again. Starting early Wednesday morning, production line employees from the UE Local Chapter 234 started to protest outside the Fairbanks Scales building.

A new contract was supposed to be presented to the employees around 3 p.m Tuesday, but was not according to the protestors. Among the top concerns for the protestors are that the company is asking for a steep increase to the healthcare plan and are not giving a fair increase in wages.

"We offered them a 13 hour extension to the contract. They returned to negotiations 10 minutes before expiration and did not give us a new proposal," said UE 234's International Representative, Chad McGinnis. "Fairbanks is a profitable company, which is in better shape now than it was during the last two contract negotiations."

"This union has made Fairbanks enormously profitable for more than the past 80 years," McGinnis went on to say.

"We've been at the table, we've been waiting for them a lot. We've been there, we're just waiting for them, "said UE local 234 Chief Stewart, Tonya Brown.

Strikes at Fairbanks have happened before. The last strike was in 2005, and before that, 2004.

If negotiations are not met between the union and the corporation, this strike might be walking down the same path the other ones did.

McGinnis says, "Our final goal is to win a good contract for the members of the UE Local Chapter 234."




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