Dog Mountain Chews Up Competition

Dog Mountain Thumbnail copy 2-3ST. JOHNSBURY- Dog Mountain recently received the award for the Best Vermont Attraction in the entire state.

 They beat out national landmarks like the Shelburne Museum, Church Street Marketplace, and the Ben and Jerry's Factory.

"I think that's an honor to be at that level, that's tremendous. But I also think we definitely stand up in there for what we offer people, how they feel when they come here," said Sarah Brooks. "We feel pretty special about being in that company of Shelburne Farms and the others."

Brooks, an administrative assistant at Dog Mountain, expressed her gratitude and excitement over the award.

"Oh my god we were so thrilled. Well first of all it's a voting thing, so folks went online and voted over and over. And I think that Dog Mountain has become within the last year more exposed through our partnership with Catamount Arts and the Vermont Attractions. So yeah, we were thrilled. It's just perfect, perfect timing, great. We were all just really happy."

Dog Mountain has seen a 25-30% increase in business over the past year. Brooks thinks that there are many factors that impacted their business, but one of the biggest ones was the concert series they collaborated on with Catamount Arts.

"About 25-30 percent. I think it's definitely, again social media and word of mouth. We had our concert series this summer, we partnered with Catamount Arts and we put on ten concerts that were free and dog friendly," said Brooks. "That brought a lot of local folks who had said they had never been here before. And it's marvelous that we could have community come together that way."

Catamount Arts also thought the concert series was a success.

"It exceeded our expectations," said Molly Stone, the producer of the Levitt Amp St. Johnsbury Music Series at Dog Mountain. "We didn't know what to expect, we didn't know how many people would arrive. Some concerts brought over 1,000 people."

Jeff Scarpino, a local dog trainer, has been using an agility course at Dog Mountain to train dogs for about a year and a half, but has been visiting for over 15 years. He says he has one specific part of Dog Mountain that is his favorite.

"The people. Everyone here is happy. I think it's impossible to come here and be upset. This place is just fantastic, there's just a good vibe here."

And it's the people in the community that Brooks believes will continue to be impacted by Dog Mountain.

"The more that we can talk about how special it is to connect as a community, and Dog Mountain can offer some of that, with the college, with any local businesses or whatever, I think that's what we're going for, is to bring our rural community together in the name of love for dogs and each other."

Kingdom Trails also made the Ten Best list, coming in at number 3.


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