Tense Moments at NVRH

NVRH code silverST. JOHNSBURY- A tense moment occurred at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) yesterday afternoon. Around 3:20 PM, the Vermont State Police (VSP) received a call for a "code silver". The code means that a patient or a person in the hospital may have a weapon.


The VSP confirmed that the threat was from a phone call from a St. Johnsbury resident, 18-year-old Dakota A. Gilbert. According to police, "once at the scene, Dakota Gilbert was taken into custody. Based on the content of the statements he allegedly made by Gilbert over the telephone to hospital staff prior to arriving at the facility."

This disorderly conduct telephone call is what caused the hospital to enter a brief lockdown and the situation was "contained" by 4:00pm. Members of the VSP, Caledonia County Sheriff's Department, Lyndonville Police Department, and St. Johnsbury Police Department responded to the scene.

The hospital's chief financial officer, Bob Hercy shared the moment he saw, "We got word of a patient in the hospital who was filing a complaint. The concern to us is that we got word from a third party. We understood that the patient might have a weapon, so we went into our normal code silver drill." The hospital staff wasn't sure if the report was accurate but they still took the precaution,and ordered a code silver. "The police came and we had a sheriff here. We have a sheriff here all the time and he was very helpful. Sheriff Scott Gagnon called for assistance on account of the weapon. He wanted to make sure that he had some back-up, so he got back-up from the sheriffs and vermont state police," Bob said.

Gilbert was issued a citation to appear at Caledonia Superior Court on Monday October, 23 for his threatening statements and actions. After the event happened, Bob wanted to thank everyone's efforts for protecting the safety of the hospital. "They were able to take control of the situation and the patient. As soon as we felt that we were safe, we cancelled the code silver," said hercy. 


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